3 Good Resume Examples

Are you preparing your resume to send it off to a dream employer or two? This is no doubt an exciting time as you hope to get a call back for an interview, however it’s also a nerve-wracking time. If your resume isn’t in tip-top shape, it just might cost you the job. That’s one thing you can’t let happen!


Even if you’ve been reading tips for how to write a resume, it doesn’t always compare to seeing an example of one that is great. To help you out, I’ve rounded-up a list of good resume examples to guide you in the right direction as you put your own together. Take a look at these resumes and what you can learn from each one of them:


  1. Adam Pash

First, let’s take a look at this resume for Adam Pash. At first glance, you can see that he kept the overall design simple, which is likely perfect for the job he’s going for. If he were applying to a design job of some sort, he could stand to get a little more creative with the layout. However, if the job you’re applying to isn’t in a creative field, it’s best to keep things simple and straight-forward.


Another plus is that each section has clear headings, which makes it easy for an employer to find the information they’re looking for. For your resume, you don’t have to go with a block background behind each heading, but it does add a nice touch. At the very least, you should always bold the headings so they stand out more.


Moving onto the content of his resume, it’s clear that he is interested in a business management or sales position. He states that in his opening summary, which tells an employer exactly what he wants to do career-wise. His qualifications and professional experience help to back up his career goals and show that he would be make a good candidate for a job.


However, his previous work experience doesn’t suggest that he’s the best person for a business management or sales role. For that reason, it was wise to bump that down in the order of the resume and choose to focus on his qualifications instead. If you don’t have the right work experience for a job either, you can choose to focus on your skills instead. You need to play up the facts that will get you the call for an interview.


(Resume found here)


  1. Pamela Evans

Next, we have a resume for Pamela Evans. Much like Adam, she also went for a simple resume design, which is always a safe bet when applying for jobs. Corporate jobs are not going to be looking for creativity in design, so it’s always a good idea to play it safe with a simple, minimalist layout.


The “Profile” section at the top of Pamela’s resume acts as an opening summary in bullet point form. It’s a great way to show off some of your top skills and achievements that may be relevant to the job you’re applying to. It’s clear from this resume that Pamela has received quite a few awards for the work she has done and also has helpful skills such as fluency in multiple languages and skills with a variety of softwares.


Pamela’s resume then goes into her work experience, which is more expansive than her education, so it was a wise decision to feature that first. She has held quite a few jobs that would be impressive to an employer and she even includes accomplishments that occurred while on the job. This is a fantastic way to show just how valuable you could be to a company. It’s simple additions like that which can make all the difference in your resume, so it’s worth adding to yours as well!


The resume concludes with Pamela’s education and you can see that, at the time, she’s still pursuing her degree. This is likely why she chose to focus on her work experience first. She does a great job at sharing details of her college career. You can see her GPA, which shows she is a great student, as well as other activities she is a part of. It’s likely to be impressive to any employer!


(Resume found here)


  1. Rachael King

To change things up a bit, take a look at this resume for Rachael King. You can see right off the bat that this is much different from the others. It has more design elements with boxes and bright colors that pop. There’s no chance this resume is getting lost in the crowd! The reason this resume can have a creative design is because Rachael works in the social media industry. If you’re applying to a job in a creative field, you have more freedom to play with designs to make your resume pop. Her resume becomes an opportunity to play with design and colors to show off her personality.


Although the resume has a lot going on design-wise, it contains all the information someone would be looking for on a standard resume. Right at the top, she draws attention to her name via her social media handle, which is important for the job she’s seeking. Her opening summary is included in the top, right-hand side and explains exactly who she is. That section right there could be what draws an employer to read the rest of her resume.


She clearly states the careers, side gigs, and projects she has worked on that would be relevant to a job in social media. One of the most important things when it comes to your resume is giving attention to the jobs you’ve held that are related to the job you’re hoping to get. She shares specific details regarding each of the jobs, which makes her skills look pretty impressive.


On the left, you can even find more of Rachael’s skills and appearances she’s made that an employer might like to know about. She does include that she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and International Politics, but since they aren’t closely related to social media, it didn’t need to hold a high position on the resume. She then wraps things up by adding her contact information, including her email address, telephone number, and her social media profiles. She even included her website, which is great to add if your site is professional and could help you get the job.
(Social Media Resume found here)